Work “Sub-max” deadlift and hop on the wind bike for this anaerobic workout of the week!

It’s Anaerobic Week! Time to increase your strength to weight ratio…which for deadlifts should be at least 1.5x your bodyweight… I subscribe to 2x bodyweight personally.

150 pounders, should regularly be deadlifting 300 pounds for a few reps.

This anaerobic workout of the week focuses on the true anaerobic energy system which dominates exercise and strength during the first thirty seconds to about two-plus minutes of hard work. We superset the wind bike (no motor, for about 1 minute) with your near max deadlifts to deplete this energy system. This way, we truly work anerobic (legs) capacity, drain it and rebuild good muscle. And.. this amazing workout pushes your lactic acid threshold UP!

Anaerobic | Heavy (sub-max) Deadlift | Wind Bike | Short Workout | 4 Sets, minimal reps/set | Power | Strength:Weight

Anaerobic workout of the week for September 27th

Dynamic Stretching

First two warmup sets are 5 rep maxes at 80-85% (1rep max) – try your bodyweight, plus %25 to start.

Working sets, about 2-4, are heavy, from 85%- 95% your 1 rep max or equal to 1.5 or twice for bodyweight.

Working set 1

  • Deadlift 5 reps
  • Hop on the wind bike or hand crank machine for 90 seconds to two minutes at a slow and steady pace.

Set 2

  • Deadlift 3-5 reps
  • Wind bike for 90 seconds max
  • A 2 minute passive rest

Set 3

  • Deadlift once at max if possible
  • Wind bike for 1 minute max but hard, intensity is high and steady
  • 2-3 minute passive rest

Set 4

  • Deadlift once, or 2-3 reps at lighter weight
  • Wind bike for 45 seconds very hard and steady

Static Stretch