Focused Leg Workout of the Week

Strength and Bodyweight Superset Leg Workout of the Week

Time for more legs and this week it’s about anaerobic stuff and strength gains. We work the TRX and also work stiff legged deadlifts…

This way we can target hamstrings and our outer quads. This stabilizes the knee for strength gains including long runs and heavy lower body lifting.

Shoot for medium rep and set counts, with like 70% max weight…. for these deadlifts, start with like 135-225 lbs.

Medium Set/Reps | Strength Focused | Outer Quads | Knee Balance | TRX

Focused Strength Leg Workout of the Week for November 9th

Warm up dynamically with leg swings

Set 1 – 5

– Include starting with 70% of your one rep max for stiff legged dexadlifts.

Keep a slight bend in your knee but fully bend at the hips… feet and shoulder-width

Do at least 12 reps.

– Head to the TRX or flat bench and put one foot on, or in the stirrups – straighten your grounded leg.

Do squats until your TOTAL reps for the set are 30-40 (per leg).

If you did at 18 reps, finish with 12 squats.

Repeat after 90 second rest.

-Add  weight until performing 12 deadlifts is INTENSE!