Introducing our Full Body Workout Program!

Full Body Strength Class is 50 minutes that’s part kettlebell class, TRX workout and technical lifting!

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Monday | Tuesday | Thursday at 530pm


  • Power & Bar Skills
  • Strength Sets
  • TRX Workout Routine
  • Bodyweight Exercises
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    Power + Bar Skills

    Compound Lifts!

    Muscle Activation
    Target HR (bpm) Average: 130
    Peak HR: ~ 180 in the set
    Sets: 2-4
    Reps: 2-8

      PRIMARY MOVES TO LEARN: Dual Swing, Muscle Ups (TRX)

      Strength Sets

      Kettlebell Flows

      Lactic Acid Threshold Boost
      Target HR (bpm) Average: 165
      Peak HR: 170
      Sets: 3-5
      Reps: 7 – 10

        PRIMARY MOVES TO LEARN: Bulgarian Lunge, Full Body Crunch

        Why Kettlebells?

        • If you had just 35 minutes and 3 pieces of equipment to lose weight with, you’d choose kettlebells!
        • These are implements that work your cardio AND your strength.
        • They tighten your butt, hamstrings, quads and strengthen your hips
        • You perform more reps!
        • When you learn from an expert, in person, you learn a technical SKILL that has endless routines and combinations.


        – CSCS Certified, 10+ years Kettlebell Experience –

        Master your Technique so that you can lose weight or get conditioned today!

        TRX Workout

        Endurance Series'

        Cardio & Total Strength


        Target HR (bpm) Average: 155


        Peak HR : 180


        Sets: 4-5


        Reps: 8-15

          Bodyweight Routine

          Kettlebell Ladders

          3+ minute Ladder Sets Build your Endurance

          Cardio & Fat Burn


          Target HR (bpm) Average: 165


          Peak HR : 180


          Sets: 4-7


          Reps: 15-30

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          BASE FULL BODY WORKOUT Overview

          Our FULL BODY STRENGTH Workout Program and Fitness Workout Routine features our BASE Energy Systems Training (proudly, the first of its kind).

          B “Burst” focuses is high intensity for short bursts.


          A Anaerobic Sets are intense but build LEAN muscle size.


          SStrength Week boosts your aerobic talents!

          E Endurance is about how long you last!



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          Underdog Personal Training promotes the best way to lose body fat and weight by combining Strength & Conditioning exercise with personal training & motivation.

          This is a 4 week 30 day weight loss system.