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Meet Johann san jose personal trainer
Johann Francis, CSCS

Johann has spent 14 years training in San Jose, helping folks rehab injuries, lose weight, strengthen their bodies and motivate themselves.

A lifelong athlete, former football player, fighter, he runs about 12 miles per week,trains often, loves having fun in and out of the gym, loves to eat, and loves kettlebell training.



Training, fitness and motivation saved me from a rough upbringing. It was always there for me. Knowing that if I push myself past others’ expectations, I could acheive ANYTHING, made me pursue training and coaching others as an adult. Fitness helped me transform into a someday – a confident person who always believes that everything is possible if you only want it strongly enough. Let me help you get THERE!

BOXING/MMA | Weight Loss | Core/Cardio

– fight experience
– lots of great personal training experience!
– a Nutrition degree
– two personal trainer certifications and
– a CSCS certification


**While your may results vary, these just a few of those who reached amazing goals

Trainees and clients will get more motivated than ever

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