FIGHTER Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning | Dear-Life Workout

Both bells never touch the ground | 5 Straight Minutes | 5 Round Fight


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[ms_column style=”2/3″ align=”left” class=”” id=””]5 Minute Kettlebell Workout requires the most of your kettlebell skill! Because we do not put both bells down, we continue to swing in between explosive moves. But changing the tempo constantly within the 5 minute set, this kettlebell strength and conditioning routine is perfect for fighters’ training![/ms_column]

Kettlebell Flow

Kettlebell workouts are amazing for strength and conditioning and cardio simultaneously. By performing these supersets you essentially are getting a “HiiT” workout. Of course, HiiT is simply short active rests in between intense sets of hard submax work – still, get working with kettlebells we easily perform about 100 reps every 5 minutes of swings and incorporate explosive moves in the middle.

Start with the Legs

Get a swing going. Start with an even weight and use ONE bell first. Warmup core and trunk, for a good 30 seconds.

At least 15 reps

Go to the Ground

Of course, your technique has to be very clean. Once you know how to rack and perform a turkish getup, you can easily go to the ground for core work and upper body.

At least 6 reps

Ab Press

On the floor, rack your bells and do a straight press into the air.
At least 10 reps


Stand back up and grab the other bell

With quality technique, come to standing. From there, you can grab your other bell and continue with Gunslingers, Dual Snatch and other high level moves.

The first order is stretching these muscles out so we can then exercise.

Fighters and other combat athletes use this tempo and grind for 5 minutes per round. Take a passive 2 minute rest in between and work!

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