Plyometric and Aerobic Workout of the Week

“Roadwork” and Triple-Unders Aerobic Workout of the Week


Challenge yourself with this aerobic workout of the week… we are not looking to add muscle mass but we are not looking to lose any either. Perfect for bodyweight (calisthenic)! We overload by working through hard technical moves like triple-unders and fingertip push ups at high rep counts!

Aerobic | No Weightlifting | Plyometric Jump Rope | 30 minute run and 15 minutes of hard rope | Fingertip Push Ups

Aerobic Workout of the Week for September 21st!

2 to 4 mile run at (8:30m – 10:30m pace)

  • After run, Target HR is MAX (~170 bpm)
  • 1 minute later 145 bpm
  • 30 seconds later 138 bpm
  • Long run, with no intervals, constant pace

Double-unders at 35 reps per 3 minute round – 3 times

Triple-unders. As many as possible for 3 minutes. – 1 time

Sets of fingertip push ups

Static Stretch – wrist and legs