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Coach Johann's Strength Class | A Special Formula for Full Body Strength

Quick Background on B.A.S.E. strength class & training











Johann SPENT time as Head Strength Coach at Condition & Competition Kickboxing in 2015.

There, he coached Strength & Performance classes on the mat and in the weight room.

Coach Johann was met by hard working and focused students who lifted hard according to their strength-weight ratios – the standards in which folks get stronger.

Class performed:

  • All FOUR Energy Systems
    • High Rep and Drop sets for weight loss
    • Pull Up series’
    • Technical lifts
    • Lots more

We Got better each day, even on crappy ones

BASE Strength Class has Grown! But... what's it even MEAN????


  • Plyometrics, heavy lifting & technical lifts (etc.)
  • 90% max Heart Rate mid Set
  • Long rest periods
  • 2-5 reps


  • Kettlebell Sets, dumbbell compound sets, drop sets, supersets
  • 80%-95% max Heart Rate
  • 3-8 reps
  • 1:2 rest ratios to work
greg energy systems trx workout routine
every minute kettlebell fucll body workouts flows

Usable Muscle

  • Kettlebell Flows, compound sets, bodyweight supersets, light lifting
  • 70%-80% max Heart Rate
  • 8-17 reps
  • 1:1.5 rest ratios to work

Grind Away

  • Agility supersets, distance jogs, pyramid sets, bodyweight
  • ~65%% max Heart Rate
  • 18-30 reps
  • Very short rest ratios to work
bodyweight trianing

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