“3R” Rehab & Stretch Class

December 27, 2018

Rehab, recover, recharge!

Release your tension, DE-STRESS and be free of tightness!

“3R” – rehab & stretch class for athletes and active – is new for 2019 and combines vinyasas, finishing positions, proprioception & bodyweight flows!

Your 1ST first bodyweight flow:

  • Standing to Kneeling
  • Kneel to Seated
  • Kneel-Seated to Laying Down Flat

all set to alternative, classic hip-hop, reggae & rap music which guides your breaths while keeping you engaged!


  • Bodyweight Flow & Low Back Stretch for the stiffest athletes (Part 1 of 3)
  • Tight & painful hips, psoas and low back athletes should TRY this Advanced Bodyweight Flow
  • Power for the FIGHT | Build Power for Boxing on the Wind Bike and intense "HIIT Interval"