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Full-Body-Workout Class

“BASE” Full Body Strength is an energy system full body workout Every week we feature movement on one of four energy systems including the burst system and the endurance system. This determines our intensity for the week as well as our exercises. Starting with compound moves, this full body workout hits every muscle! As a result, you learn to use,…

Kettlebell Flow Full Body Workout | HiiT Workout

Kettlebell Flow Full Body Workout | HiiT Workout

hiit workout

A Multi-Move HiiT Workout for Strength Building All You Need is a Kettlebell to Build Serious Strength This Week HiiT Workouts are the most effective at building anaerobic endurance and short term strength! This is because you push your body to it’s anaerobic max and then during a short period of rest, recover from that push and repeat. The secret…