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CSCS Certified Strength Coach, Always at your side
Johann has spent 18 years training in San Jose, helping folks rehab injuries, lose weight, strengthen their bodies and motivate themselves.

A lifelong athlete, former football player and fighter, he bikes more than 20 miles per week, trains very often, loves having fun in and outside the gym, loves to eat, and loves kettlebell training.

  • Body Fat % loss
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • CUSTOM Programs
  • Inspiration & Accountability
  • Motivation!

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(not pictured, AFPA - mat Pilates instructor)

#1 How much are you?/What are your rates?

These are custom programs which are unique to your needs… as such we can discuss prices after we build your program. My rates are generally competitive I find.

Prices for classes are

  • $215/month for Full Body Strength MWF, S

#2 Where do I park?

457 Park Ave Ste B, San Jose 95110 is the address.

Park in front of the double doors in the long parking lot, spots are reserved for trainees instead of on the street.

#3 What do you do? (What do your programs entail?)

A catch-all term for this training is “functional” but it’s more than just that.

Using Strength & Conditioning methods, we work an energy systems every week. In addition we work technical and compound moves first (barbells, technical lifts), then kettlebells (proper technique) then suspension and bodyweight moves!

Basically we lift weights and get cardio gains.

We also work on power – it depends on your program.

#4 my boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/relative wants to work too. can they come?

#5 On our first day, will we workout?

If you have more than 20 minutes to spare, we can workout during your consult, sure!


#6 Can you help repair my knee/low back issues?

Yes, we can try to repair your soft tissue injuries. Your PT or medical doctor should have diagnosed your issue before we engage in three-part repair and strengthening though.