Bent Over Row Benchmark | Fit Secret Revealed (Part 3)

bent over row benchmark

Bent Over Row Benchmark is about 0.9x your Weight

For the last two weeks, we talked about Strength Ratios and why you should really give a damn. Hopefully, you know now, that strength ratios tell YOU how strong YOU are in YOUR FRAME!

The ratios and their workouts allow you the FREEDOM to train with a set standard, a GOAL in mind.

Bent Over Rows are one of my non-negotiable Gym Standards

Of all of the compound muscle moves and full bar moves, bent rows are unique.

Bent over rows are moves which use your pulling muscles.

Nearly everything else we practice is a pushing movement. As such, practicing these moves serves as not only a nice CONTRAST but can be the baseline for BALANCE and avert compensation within our kinetics.

Every meathead knows: over-training isn’t the shit.

squeeze your shoulder blades

My Bent Over Row Benchmarks and the 3 rep Max

I tested my upper back strength ratio

Any 5 foot, 7 inch woman weighing 165 pounds has a bent over row benchmark of 115 – 145 pounds ONE TIME.

That’s because for women, you should be able to press 0.7x to 0.9x your body weight ONE TIME – this is a standard in strength & conditioning circles – if you are considered to be in “good” muscular and upper body shape at LEAST.

But, we do not EVER really need a 1RM (One rep max).

So, we can take three reps or even five make the following standard.

1RM = 100% effort/intensity/load e.g. 145 lbs.

3RM = 90-85% load e.g. 115 lbs.

This a STANDARD RANGE of in intensities for your various lifts at which 3 reps, or even 5 reps equates to a certain intensity.

Empower yourself!

Watch the video to see why we work through 3 reps!

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