Warmups are Essential – this Bodyweight Flow Brings your Heart From Sleepy to Soaring

Nothing combines bodyweight exercises/calisthenics and warmups better than a great bodyweight flow.

Bodyweight flows are exercises FLOWS – they are combos of moves which use every muscle in your body.

Instead of isolating single muscle groups and joints, flows combine them all.

They mimic real world activities.

Which, really, is the reason we all train hard!

Strength & Flexibility | Core Workout | Best Oblique Strengthening There Is | Heart Rate increases Fast!


Remember. A Good Bodyweight Flow Combines Strength and Flexibility!

We could also do this with kettlebells!

So make sure that you lock out the movements, and hold for a second at each position.

During the tripod, hold the hips high, during the Cossack squat, squeeze hard on your glutes….

This optimizes the stretch components and moves your core in every angle.

This Bodyweight Flow isn’t for the Sleepy, It’s Hard Work!

Give it about 5 minutes, feel every move and make them count!

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