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Weightlifting as Cardio

My first live fitness workshop & talk happens March 16th, 2019!

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This fitness workshop is about a topic I am an expert on: strength coaching! And further, is geared toward doing that thing lots of non-runners tell me they HATE – cardio.

Imagine Weightlifting as Cardio, instead of Cardio as Cardio

Because it is possible!

When we know what to look for in out weight training and weightlifting in terms of heart variability, target heart rate and duration or intensity of sets and reps, our weightlifting becomes cardio.

It’s true!

Remember our strength ratios? We’ll use them to build the initial phase of weightlifting for cardio methods.

In fact, we can break our lactate threshold by doing so.

Challenging our lactate brings us into cardio mode fast. From there, with a little technique and detail, we establish standard heart rates for cardio!

This is the backbone of most strength coaching methods

Fitness Workshops for Pros

PRos need fitness workshop because their trainees need new methods!

Let’s get better!

Build a foundation that:

  • Establishes a ground floor of fundamentals
  • Keep your doors OPEN
  • Becomes your gym ethos

Know that these tips become the means where training any athlete or active person will ensure they are getting better!

And, supplies them with the gym’s #1 GOAL: RETENTION

Now you know!

Watch the video and see how this matters and why ONE REP MAXES are not our aim!

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