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Kettlebell class will be the most effective at building anaerobic endurance!

This is because you push your body to it’s anaerobic max and then during a short period of rest, recover from that push and repeat.

The secret in any and every kettlebell workout is the REST PERIOD.

Because it’s shorter, about 1/3 of the workout phase, you are targeting the anaerobic energy system entirely.

A longer rest, and your heart drops below “Steady State”.

And, with a Shorter Rest Period and you couldn’t perform maximum effort for 2-3minutes.

That’s the secret!

Especially if you want to:

  • Burn hundreds of calories more than just running, or just lifting weights
  • Increase your lactic threshold
  • Boost your recovery time, if you are an endurance athlete
  • Perform a perfect maintenance workout day

Learning How to Use a Kettlebell: EMOM kettlebell class near me which build skill

Say, if you do two arm swings for 2 minutes, then do cleans for 30 seconds per arm, you automatically are doing a HiiT Workout Interval – your pushing to your max, then allowing your heart rate to dropĀ  to “elevated” in a short period of time.

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