How to Expertly Meal Plan 1200 Calories and Up | Meal Plan for Athletes & Active

Nutrition by the Numbers

Protein recommendations are over-the-top!

How much Protein we think we need each day
How much most athletes need
Protein grams we think we need per day
How many most athletes need max (avg.)

You NEED realiable MEAL PLANS!

Creating a meal plan 1200 calories to 3800 calories and in between is mostly about two things:

  • Timing
    • How we set our averages
    • When a meal plan low carb effort is useless versus useful
    • Which type of workout gets mostly benefits from
      • pre-workout or
      • post-workout eating profiles
  • Motivation
    • Tie your motivators into your behaviors
      • If you believe your health is at risk, you take note of your triggers

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