Injury Recovery

December 1, 2018

injury recovery is the path to physical healing

Take time to rebuild your body


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Rebuilding your body takes years. From the onset of any injury, the degeneration process too can take years.

But whether or not the process was acute and traumatic or took years to develop – overuse and abuse injuries of daily wear/tear – we have to establish a pathway for injury.

We have to first align your body.

Then, we apply some therapies to soft tissue injury sites:

  • Massage gun and percussion
  • Cupping
  • Manual release
  • Heat packs

Once we apply some heat to stimulate blood flow, we can move the body into modalities which heal.

Corrective exercise is applied and you begin to regain the mind-body connection of your movement patterns instead of compensatory ones.

Remember, this is done after physical therapy and before total body strength building.

So, at minimum, 4-6 weeks after the onset of physical therapy with a DPT.

3 phases of rebuilding:

  • Isolation
  • Movement
  • Strengthening



  • Focused End Date. 45 minute workout.
  • Packages: 4 week minimum; price break for 1,*3,*5 months (Up to 15% off)
  • Includes Off Day Plan ($150 regular price)
  • Reschedules day before, 2 per month (barring emergency).
  • Free ebook – nutrition jumpstart
  • Weekly Virtual Check ins
  • *3 month 90% discount at Pacific Spin & Strength ($447 regular)