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What is strength ratio? Why should you give a damn?

Strength Ratios apply to everyone!

Your fitness level, gender and genetics play a small role in your Strength Ratio. This is standard metrics application which every man, woman, athlete, badass fit chick and hardened meathead can apply.

Most folks listlessly answer, “I dunno…. I forget…,” to the following simple question when I ask them, hoping to draw out vital exercise and fitness info and set up a conditioning program

Right now, ask yourself:


Strength Ratios are the Key Answer

I know this training secret already, and now YOU DO TOO!

Any 5 foot (say), 7 inch woman weighing 165 pounds should be able to push press (shoulder press)  115 – 145 pounds ONE TIME.

That’s because for women, you should be able to press 0.7x to 0.9x your body weight ONE TIME – this is a standard in strength & conditioning circles – if you are considered to be in “good” muscular and upper body shape at LEAST.

Now you know!

Watch the video and see how this matters and why ONE REP MAXES are not our aim!

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