Supplement Review | Bang Energy Drink | Creatine nutrition breakdown

Bang Energy Drink and its rival Reign are the de-facto energy go-tos today and I breakdown what the benefit is..why it is special and why it is uniquely positioned in the market for people to buy.

Today is the FIRST supplement review!

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STACK IT or STOP IT … that’s the choice we conclude on with my supplement reviews and surprisingly, this is a STACK IT.

Already, I’m not a proponent of energy drinks but shit, pretty much everyone has tried one… they have absurdly high B vitamins statuses, often ludicrous caffeine loads and taste, ostensibly like freakin candy.

Sometimes, they are perfect for the job.

This one, Bang Energy is a CREATINE and BCAA (branch chain amino acid) loaded drink. That is their secret sauce – 2:34

We have to talk about creatine – 3:50

Creatine loading – 5:22

And why BCAA are better than protein supplements – 5:53

Last, the room’s ugly and load elephant: the metric ton of caffeine: – 7:34

I review everything and give you my verdict and why! – 8:59

HOW SHOULD i get my creatine?”

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First, these are my Food & Supplement Reviews

Since so many of you ask what you should eat, whether it’s THIS or maybe THAT, I want to review the most asked about foods and supps.

Typically, trainees ask, “What do you think about (Oat Milk)?” Or whatever the food is..

…and I’ll say, it’s great or it’s shitty and here’s why. Largely, this is boiled down to a YES or NO binary which I feel leaves folks happy. If I can be direct and definitive I am.

Often though, foods are varied.

And, there are not alot of wholly terrible foods. So, it’s okay to give a scientific opinion.

Bang energy drink is a creatine and bcaa infusion

Which makes Bang Energy unique becuase there are not a lot of drinks that include creatine.  And, BCAA’s are always my supplement of choice over protein.

This stuff has a LOT of caffeine! Too much…

and that gives you the feeling of energy. But really, the presence of creatine and brnach chains which are used as energy on occasion, are souces of energy too. This is different from Coke or Monster which sources energy from only caffeine and B vitamins

While B vitamins are energy substrates, they not energy themselves. Not like creatine. Not like glutamine (not a BCAA) and not like other BCAAs.

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