Supplement Review | Reign Energy versus Bang Energy Drinks | Battle of energy substrates

BANG, BANG!! Today’s supplement review deep dives to answer: which supplement is more useful: CoQ10 or Creatine…??

Reign Energy “Total Body Fuel” versus Bang Energy, the sports nutrition debate, depends on the answer.

Reign energy and Bang every are same…! except for 1 major feature. (Other than Bang being the better supplement)

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Reign Energy has CoQ10, a source more aligned with aerobic metabolism…probably during cardio sessions or longer sets. While Bang Energy’s creatine highlights gain for harder short sets.

So, why do I prefer Bang Energy over Reign Energy?

Because there are very different uses for creatine versus CoQ that extend beyond the duration of your workout.

Creatine or coq10

Bang has creatine | Reign has CoQ10 | Both have bcaa's

Take your Pick: Creatine or CoQ10

CoQ10 is oxidatative, for cardio

Creatine is for short bursts and short sets

We talk about the Branch Chain Amino Acid makeup and the CoQ10 uses in the body (3:17)

Both drinks contain BCAAs which of course, everyone loves. But, do you know why BCAA’s are useful? (4:32)

Creatine is more useful – here’s why (6:22)

My idea for the perfect supplement which Reign promotes as “Total Body Fuel” (7:42)

STACK IT or STOP IT … that’s the choice we conclude on with my supplement reviews.

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